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What We Are...

We are the Creators. The Spell Casters. The Crafters.

We own our power and use it for the collective.

We learn about what magick is, and what it isn't.

We connect with the spirit of all things and use them to enhance our own magick.


We learn the fundamentals, no matter what path we walk.

We learn about planetary, herbal and other influences to create magick.

We create new realities.

We create real change.  

What We Aren't...

We don't buy into Hollywood hype.

We don't allow misinformation. We do the research.

We don't judge.

We don't shame.

We don't fear.

We don't just buy into what is said on social media.

We don't tolerate hate.

We don't play.

What You Will Find Here...

Real education from ancient grimoires, reputable sources and the guidance needed to learn at your own pace.

We don't know everything, but if we don't we will find the information for you from a reputable source.

How to get started: books, posts, videos and more! What pantheon calls? How do you create a practice? How do you connect and get the answers you need to create powerful spells and a new reality? Which path or practice is right for you? You ask the questions, we find the answers.

Planetary magick: how to use it to enhance your own power

Herbal magick: how to connect with the spirits of the roots and herbs

Moon magick: how to use the phases, mansions and energy to create change and a new reality

Deities: what are they? How to connect with them, honor them and work with them

Spells: how to design them, create them, track them and tweak them for maximum power

Divination: how to connect, read and divine before spellwork

Conjure & Hoodoo: from 2 real rootworkers and their own practices

Meditation: what it really is and how to use it

Ancestors: who are they? How to connect and honor them

And much more.

Your Mentors...

Willow is a 30 plus year practicing witch and rootworker from a Southern Conjure background.

Taught by her mammaw, although not a Wiccan, she also did her year and day in Wicca, has followed the ancient texts and grimoires and shares all things magical.

She comes from a background in multiple magical methodologies and Catholicism. She is her own religion and path, adept in Solomonic Magick, Planetary Magick and traditional witchcraft as well as a natural tarot and playing card reader. She teaches about connecting with diety, spirit and how it all ties together with Hermetic principle and philosphy. She has an extensive background in myths and legends and shares from her own experience. She sigils everything and teaches the real magick behind the Chaos. She is a Keeper of Hekate's Keys and daughter of Lilith.

Dearthrice is a veteran rootworker, who learned how to pray at the bedside of his grandmother. He dipped his toes into Christian spirituality, through the familial traditions of his parents (mother a National Baptist and father of AME Zion). 

He eventually found his ancestral home in the African Derived Tradition of Lucumi and the related practice of Espiritismo. 

Finally, Dea was blessed to be called by his second denomination to the consecration of the Episcopacy as a bishop. Dea also began to discern during his consecration the presence of a Cyprianic spirit connected to Cyprian of Antioch. Dea then sought out further occult knowledge of the Bishop-Sorceror-Saint through the Solomonic and Greek Magical Papyri traditions. Cyprianic Magick is thus incorporated into his rootwork.

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Premium Groups:

Lunares Alchimia - the enhanced version of the original Facebook Group

Psalms, Saints and Southern Conjure - deeper work and meaning

The Magical Emporium - where you can buy, sell or barter services, share flash sales and build your magical business. We always recommend to our family that they buy from reputable resources.

WeedCraft - the art of working with Mary Jane in magick

The Book Club - not a traditional club where we all read the same book, this is where I break down books of antiquity and get to the history of certain things.

Paid Courses Available Inside:

Sigil Course - learn the what, why, and how about sigils and different magical languages and tools to create your own work of magical art that is powerfully charged and activated with your own power.

Cash Conjure - the live event replay broken down in easily digestible videos. Learn real money magick.

Candle & Flame - learn the art of the work and how to create powerful workings with real candle magick

Free SpellCrafting Group:

The Art of Working The Skull Candlehow to use and work the skull candle for health, clarity, or cursing and baneful magick

*Free classes for the elements coming soon. All free trainings can be found here and there is a free plan below that grants access to just this group.

Coming Soon:

Soon to be available pay per class:

Divination - the tarot course enhanced with playing cards and sortilege

Lilith: Dark Goddess - how to connect, honor and work with the ancient goddess

Holy Health & Sanity: Saints & Healing - Learn about some important tools to heal and strengthen yourself and those you love! 

Angels & Daimons: Spirit for the Spirits - Learn to connect to your second guardian angel and add a firm foundation to your spiritual work!

Working With The Pentacles of Solomon  - learn what they are, what they can do and how to use them for your magick

Altar of the Self - Learn how to connect with your own mighty spirit.

Moon of God: Working with St. Gabriel - Learn about the Angel of the Moon and how to enhance your Moon magick! 

Sun of God: Working with St. Michael - Invoke and commune with the great Sun Angel for your strength and protection. 

Fire of God: Working with St. Uriel - Learn about this mysterious Archangel, who opens the many doors of our mind, life and spirit!